Things I've worked on or am working on.


Working on many new things! Currently focused on Android production launch and on Privacy and Security. Cocoon is a special messaging app focused on keeping your data safe and creating intimate digital spaces for you and your closest groups.

Amazon Echo Look

Contributed to Echo Look, an Alexa-powered hands-free camera that provides AI-driven fashion recommendations, delivered through the complementary mobile applications for iPhone and Android devices.

Last Mile Technologies

Designed technical architecture to deliver real-time traffic data to routing teams and subsequently Amazon delivery drivers in the entirety of the United States, and parts of Canada, Mexico and Europe.

Universal Store

Shipped in-product offers on Windows surfaces such as Start Menu and Lock Screen. Brought together in-product monetization and engineering by driving coordination between data scientists, software engineers, and product marketing experts.

Windows Core

Designed and shipped the Windows 10 Storage Settings experience, as well as a smart cleanup service allowing Windows to intelligently remove old/unwanted content from user’s harddrive.
Worked on other cool storage and filesystems features, such as eMMC, native encryption support for FAT32 and exFAT, and USB OTG.

Locations and Events

Desgined, implemented and shipped mobile event check-ins on the Facebook mobile basic site, as well as developed Residences, a type of location with stricter permissions for families to check into safely.

Photos and Videos

Designed, implemented and shipped current Edit Album bulk photo editing feature on the main Facebook site, as well as several parts of the current bulk Photo Uploader and image encoder.

Operating Systems

Worked on the PCB motor drivers as well as GSM and CDMA radio stack drivers for the Blackberry Bold and Blackberry Storm.


From Engineer to Program Manager and Back | Women in Tech Summit (Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West)

Having been an engineer at Facebook, a PM at Microsoft, and a PM then engineer at Amazon, I have experienced a variety of roles and learned about a variety of technologies. I find women are often afraid of pursuing role switches, but my experience has given me an edge on many of my peers, and I wanted to share my learnings with an audience. I presented this talk at Women In Tech Summit: Mid-Atlantic, on Mar 28, 2019, and Women In Tech Summit: Mid-West, on May 3, 2019.


Smart Storage Policy

Storage virtualization techniques that automate the management of content between local storage and cloud storage in a manner that is both flexible and user-friendly. A smart storage policy engine may be configured to detect the occurrence of one or more events relating to a storage capacity of the computing device, determine, in response to the detection, a need to free an amount of storage of the computing device, and execute one or more policies relating to stored content of the computing device.


Flash Event

Concept design for instant event creation and sharing across messaging platforms.

You can't build an iPhone with Python

Worries I have about the narrow definition of engineering being created by bootcamps and other coding initiatives.

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